young will turn on the light in the drawing

Call Jin-woo and Sun-young will turn on the light in the drawing

It was time to do something. ‘Thump, thump, thump….’

I heard a sound. Sun-young wants to know what Jin-woo is doing in a small room.

They’re wondering, they’re slowly killing their footsteps without turning on the lights.

I moved to a small room. “Sunyoung, there’s a small room. there for a moment

I locked it with a key. I will surprise you for Sun-young

I’m trying to do something worth it, so please understand, okay?” Sun-young said Jin-woo’s.

I recalled it, but I was wondering why I didn’t know Jinwoo.

Then I headed to the small room. The small door was slightly open.

Sun-young’s eyes are shining the light of the small room, and the room is seen in her eyes.

He came in. Jin-woo picked up a frozen meatball, and he cut it with a knife.

I could see myself making it. The meat is long.

It looked like a human leg. a human leg That’s a very small person.

The legs of a baby. When I thought Sunyoung was the legs of a baby, I thought,

He covered his own hand with a scream of surprise and popping out of his mouth.

He was trembling in his seat. ‘No, that can’t be…

No, I don’t think so.’ Sun-young thinks her thoughts are just delusions.

He thinks he’s mistaken, and he’s looking more towards the door.

He looked into the room with his body closely attached to him to see.

Jin-woo doesn’t feel Sun-young looking at himself.

He opened the refrigerator door to put what he was holding in the refrigerator.

When the refrigerator door opened, Sun-young was surprised and splashed her hand against the wall.

Shivering, he forced his feet against him and went back to the bedroom.

What Sun-young saw was a child with his eyes open in the refrigerator.

It was the head of a baby. The child’s eyes are straight, the eyes of the sun.

We bumped into each other. Sunyoung is less than seven steps away from the bedroom for 20 minutes.

It wasn’t until we arrived. in one’s own ear, still true.

I could hear the sound of a knife, but I couldn’t dare to close my ears.

There was. ‘…. It was a baby. Why, the baby was there. ” Sun-young was breathing.

I gasped and felt my heart tightened. Sun Young-eun and Jin Woo

I didn’t know why I left my baby in the refrigerator.

There must be a reason why Jin-woo says, Sun-young

My head is full of thoughts trying to justify Jin-woo’s murder.

There was. Because Sunyoung loved Jinwoo so much.

Because. ‘Don’t tell me…” Sunyoung said, “You don’t have to eat soup on the table every day.

I came up with it. meat one has eaten “It’s a pill. Sun-young.

I urgently got it today because it’s good for your health. Once

Try it. Don’t try to know what it is. Why, if you watch it on TV, it’s to live.

You eat anything. But that doesn’t mean you’re too upset to eat.

No, eat it. For all my hard work, I’ve done,

Yeah, I’m not gonna let you die like this. Sun-young, your life is…

I’ll hang on to the end as long as I’m stuck.” Sun-young said, “Jin-woo, you know what?

He remembered what he said a few days ago, serving himself soup.

He’s willing to hang on to the end as long as his life is attached.

Jin-woo’s words. Sun-young only came to her senses in bed.

I stood up and headed back to the small room. still pounding

I heard a sound. Sun-young knocked on the door. slightly spread

When Jin-woo heard the knock through the door, he hurried to the sword,

He was seen trying to clean up the meatball. Sun Young is the door

When I opened it, Jin-woo looked at Sun-young.

I dropped a knife and meat in my hand on the floor.

“Seon-young…” “Jin-woo, why. Why did you do this…” “Seon-young.

Come here.” Jin-woo grabbed Sun-young’s shoulder and went out.

I tried to drive out. Then, Sun-young shook off Jin-woo’s arm.

He shouted, “Why, why are you doing this?

It’s because of me, huh? Did you do this to save me?

You know, to save my body… Jinwoo

Did you do this? Say something, huh?” “…” Sun-young.

He shook Jin-woo’s body, shouted and pressed him,

Jin-woo doesn’t say anything. He just looks at his head silently.

He stood still, trembling. Jin-woo has been like that for a long time.

Then he nodded without looking at Sunyoung.

Sun-young knocked on Jin-woo’s chest when Jin-woo nodded.

I cried, “You fool… fool…” ———–**————————————————————————————————–

Jin-woo said, “After some time, Sun-young gradually calms down.”

When he saw it, he brought her into the bedroom and said, “What did you do?

He began to explain his work. “The truth is, you’re not going to get four bottles

I’m trying to make it better. I’m on my way back from the hospital.

I went to the fortune-teller to ask him. She’s a god.

He’s so brave that he’s been able to fix a lot of people with his own power.

It’s a shaman. Let me find the shaman. a shaman

As soon as he saw my impression, he said, “Why are you here now?”

Won’t you just make a fuss? I’m not saying anything about her.

I sat on my knees in front of me and stayed still. Well, let’s do it.

Sprinkle rice on top, throw a coin in the pocket,

He stared at me and said this. ‘Naenom,

Can you do what I tell you?’ So…

I’ve been flirting and saying yes. Well, let’s do it.

The shaman wrote something down on the paper and later told me

He told me to go home and open it up, and then I said no. money, too

Without answering. My luck is killing my wife.

You said you were in, you said you were a jerk, and you told me to disappear, so I ran away.

I read the letter on the stairs in front of my house. in the letter

The only way to save you is to save a child who is less than 100 days old.

It says you have to eat meat to live. new life

A clean soul before it’s exactly in your body.

They say there’s no other way but how you eat.

I thought I was crazy at first, but…

Sun-young, I. I really don’t want to lose you.

Maybe I’ll follow you if you die.”

Jin-woo cried and bowed his head to Sun-young’s lap.

Sun-young listens to Jin-woo and because of herself, Jin-woo is…

I just wanted to die of guilt that I had committed murder.

Sun-young really does anything for herself.

Jin-woo felt scared and happy.

“Mr. Jin-woo. But…” Sun-young told herself the story.

I wanted to talk about why I didn’t.

Sun-young herself stopped trying to talk about the desire to live.

The selection was confused. on and on

I don’t know if I should eat the rest of the baby’s body,

Whether to stop Jinwoo struggling to save his life.

The question is whether you should give up your life or not.

It was the same question as whether to not. Jinwoo’s head

He looks at Sun-young, and he looks at her with his own hands.

Holding his face tight, he said, “I love you, really.”

He rubbed his lips against Sun-young’s lips. Sun Young Eun

without looking at Jinwoo who kisses his lips

Looking blankly at the wall, he sat as if he had lost his mind.

——————- * —————————

Seon-yeong was standing at the crossroads that she had seen one day.

Someday, I will work overtime and wait for Jinwoo to leave work late.

The place where I was standing, late at night, there was a dump truck for construction.

It used to be a place where people would run ignoring signals. Sun-young’s house

Come out and do such useless things to Jin-woo for himself.

He wrote down his broken heart and went out.

It came out. Sunyoung was determined to commit suicide. Sun Young Eun

Shivering in the cold, just passing through a few trucks.

I was hesitating. ‘We have to go. We have to go to Jin-woo.

You shouldn’t be a tormenting creature.’

a stride from the sidewalk block

I got down. A truck just happened to be over the hill.

It was coming down like a shot. Sun Young decides to make a decision.

He pouted up to the road without getting off.

Truck banging, clapping, Sun-young’s…

I passed by. Closure of Truck in Sunyoung

It fell and came in. My eyes are burning with tears from Sun-young’s hot tears.

It’s melted in. Sun-young called on God who did not believe.

“God, give me courage. Because of me, because of me.

No more sinning for Mr. Jin-woo in misfortune.

Please give me courage to die. God…

I pray so earnestly.” Look up at the sky and pray.

In the eyes of Sun-young, who was doing it, another truck

I could see it. Trucks gradually spray large amounts of snow.

He was running down the road. Sunyoung and the truck

About 20 meters away, Sunyoung headed for the truck.

I threw myself. With a sharp, squeaky brake sound.

Together, there’s a thumping sound, and Sun-young’s body is fluttering.

It flew away like snow. The truck hit the sunstroke.

Maybe it’s because I turned the steering wheel too hard, lying on the road.

It was being pushed out for a long time. The eyes of Sun-young’s body quietly

It was piling up.